Sweet Connection: Dubai’s First Gluten-Free Bakery

For those of you who can’t eaten gluten and are feeling frustrated about the lack of options, Dubai now has a way out. Sweet Connection is the city’s first 100 per cent gluten-free kitchen run and launched by Areej Jomaa. Providing delicious alternatives to wheat-based breads such as pizzas, cakes, cookies and more, Jomaa’s creations are freshly baked each day in her Green Community kitchen in order to offer innovative renditions of your favorite sweets.

Sweet Connection was founded on the premise of helping people with food intolerances. “We bake for people who are gluten intolerant or suffer from Coeliac disease, as well as those who have allergies to dairy, eggs and sugar or for anyone who chooses to follow a gluten-free diet for its numerous health benefits,” explains Jomaa whose sister was diagnosed with Coeliac disease. Since then, Jomaa researched various alternatives in order to create a range of tasty breads, pizzas, cakes, cupcakes, biscuits and cookies, among other tasty items. She’s consistently experimenting in order to discover alternatives that will enhance Sweet Connection products.

I was kindly offered the chance to taste some of Jomaa’s goodies including butterscotch cookies with jam, chocolate chip cookies, banana bread and ginger molasses, all of which were as fresh as could be. The ablés with apricot jam were nice and chewy with the lovely addition of sweet jam inside. The banana bread whisked back home to my mother’s cooking – delectably moist and bursting with banana flavor. The chocolate chip cookies were nice and crunchy with hefty-sized chips of chocolate while the ginger molasses were typically hard with the spicy aroma of ginger combined with the bittersweet flavor of the molasses. I have no complaints.

Sweet Connection also serves a range of freshly baked breads perfect for anyone who loves is dying to indulge but can’t eat gluten. This bakery was the perfect addition to Dubai’s healthy eating scene. Tasty, homemade and baked with entirely natural ingredients, Sweet Connection is should be your new bakery.

Sweet Connection is located in Dubai Investment Park in Green Community, Mayfair Building Shop # 6. Tel: +971 508763351. www.sweetconnectiondubai.com