Pretty Powerful – Lifestyle Businesswoman Lepa Roskopp

Lepa Roskopp isthe co-founder/designerofMisahara
Jewelry and Cofounder of True Collection.

Focused passion, methodical drive and an undeniable sense of exploration are evident in everything that Lepa Roskopp does. As a wife, mother of three and successful businesswoman, she has positioned herself among some of the world’s most elite clientele looking for the ultimate travel experience.

 “It’s good to work hard, but you have to enjoy, take a deep breath.”

Having grown up in a multicultural household in the diplomatic core, Roskopp took away more than just memories from her travels. She used them as inspiration and co-founded a lifestyle company called The True Collection, which is a members-only private club dedicated to oneof- a-kind travel experiences. With an initial membership fee of $100,000, discerning members pay top dollar to be able to enjoy a combination of exquisite accommodations, attentive personnel and customized expeditions with True Collection’s Elite team of expert personal staff.

True Collection members enjoy
quality time with a hand-selected
group of renowned athletes, artists
and professionals while experiencing
the ultimate in adventure.

“Our experiences are tailor-made to our clients’ needs,” said Roskopp. “They work extremely hard in life and want to be exposed to experiences with someone who has a personality. That’s where our team of experts comes in.”

True Collection’s hand-selected Elite group of renowned athletes, artists and professionals are passionate about what they do and want to share it with those who seek the ultimate in adventure, sport and lifestyle, whether it’s skiing the Alps, golfing with the pros or exploring Africa on safari.

“Innately very driven, I tend to be very serious, but I think that the purpose of life is to enjoy. Part of that enjoyment comes when you work hard and are doing something you’re passionate about,” explained Roskopp. “It’s good to work hard, but you have to enjoy, take a deep breath.”

After successfully expanding True Collection, Roskopp wasn’t quite ready to take that deep breath yet. She embarked upon her high-end jewelry endeavor called Misahara with partner Susan Royce. Like her work with True Collection, Roskopp’s creative process in jewelry design comes from different places, cultures and traditions she has experienced and from studying global fashion trends and knowing what the client wants.

“We want it to become part of you. That’s really important,” Roskopp said. “It’s not just any piece; it’s a piece that has traveled with you, and you have memories with the piece when you wear it.”

Misahara Phinda Earrings with green peridot
and 18 karat yellow gold with diamonds studs.

Carefully handcrafted and suitable for blue jeans or an evening gown, each piece of Misahara jewelry takes an average of six months from design to completion.

 As demonstrated by her achievements with True Collection and Misahara, Roskopp’s sharp focus and sense of adventure are unwavering.

“We’re very particular. We’re not trying to make 100 pieces; we’re trying to focus on one piece at a time,” said Roskopp. “One hundred percent of the design inspiration comes from our work and personal travels—a lot in Africa and now the Adriatic and French Riviera.”

Demonstrating the founders’ multifaceted commitment to serving both the client and global communities, a unity symbol is imprinted on all Misahara pieces, representing the fusion of ideas, beliefs and cultures, and a pursuit of peace and acceptance throughout the world.

Roskopp may have her hands full with her businesses, but she always makes time for her family and her own passion for the outdoors: mountain biking, skiing, hiking and more. Having personally experienced all of the True Collection destinations, Roskopp continues to go to places where the brand is expanding.

“Over the summer I was in St. Tropez, and in Italy I did Enduro riding,” she said. “Now we have an epic adventure in Tuscany with Enduro riding, which is hot right now in Europe.”

As demonstrated by her achievements with True Collection and Misahara, Roskopp’s sharp focus and sense of adventure are unwavering. She admits, however, that the key to success is to follow your passion and understand the process, including the moments of despair.

“This is what I tell my daughters: I believe you have to follow your passion, and sometimes it takes a while. It’s a learning process, and there will be times when you go through points of exhaustion and the pressures become difficult, but you have to roll up your sleeves and continue to forge ahead and know you can overcome any challenge.”