Fit For A Royal – Loren Ridinger

Fall is no stranger to textures or embellishments; in fact it’s during this season that those elements come out to play. But every once and again there is a bold, common thread if you will, that seems to stand out more than the rest. For F/W ’12, the opulence of Baroque references were in full swing, leaving their mark on everything from statement-making ready-towear looks to eyewear, jewelry and even jeans. Whether offered through embroidery, velvet appliqués or simply printed on fabric, the idea is to inject your fall wardrobe with pieces fit for royalty. You can even crossover into the home with pieces like this Versace armchair upholstered in a Baroque print—I personally have Versace’s original drafting chair in my home office and find myself inspired by it when I design my jewelry. How ever you approach it make sure to make it your own by incorporating it into your lifestyle as the best accessory you’ll ever have is the confidence you exude when you’re comfortable in your look.