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Loren Ridinger On Getting J.Lo’s Black and White Look
  • Loren Ridinger
  • JR and Loren founded Market America in 1992. JR is the creator of the UnFranchise Business Development System and founder of beingjrridinger.com, a blog for aspiring entrepreneurs. With his wife and business partner Loren, an internet, fashion and cosmetics mogul, JR has revolutionized the online entrepreneurial market by creating a business that not only affords people the opportunity to buy cost efficient, high quality products, but also provides any individual the opportunity to build success. As a visionary, JR is changing the way people shop and leading a new economic paradigm where anyone can become financially independent by creating our own economy. Through Market America’s business system hundreds of millionaires have been created and thousands of people are living the lives many only dream about.

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