Uber Launches in London

London transportation has the tendency to be a bit difficult. So hopefully Uber can lighten this burden.

At the touch of a finger, you can just tap on your iPhone app to summon your driver. No need to talk to anyone, as your GPS location let’s him know exactly where you are. Their names and their faces are there so you can see exactly what you are getting.

Your driver rushes to wherever you are in a moment’s notice and you can track how far away he is by just checking your app.

Our drivers came to us mostly in Mercedes and BMWs. Our favorite driver Howard, came in a beautiful, silver Mercedes SUV with dark tinted windows, buttery leather seats, lovely British mints in the back, and coke and water for our parched throats.

Our chauffeurs were not just driving us places, they were extremely knowledgeable about London. Howard told us all about bagel shops on Brick Lane, the best deals on the High Street and where to catch a good show. It doesn’t get classier than this. Uber makes you feel like you are hiring a private driver.

One of our drivers took us to London Heathrow and waited over an hour for us to pick up our special guests coming from the U.S. Nothing makes you look better than having a Mercedes Benz continue a luxurious business class journey from overseas.

Need to get picked up in class? Order an Uber minicab. Just as easy and convenient as anyone else, but for the same price play the part in London and get out of a car that’s worthy of James Bond.

Download the Uber app on your iPhone in the app store and start getting driven around in style!