Art Unlimited Artist Spotlight: Michael Sailstorfer at Art 43 Basel

Michael Sailstorfer at Art Unlimited. Photo by Yanyan Huang

Michael Sailstorfer If I should Die in a Car Crash, It was Meant to be a Sculpture. Gallery Johann Konig.

Part deadpan, part cinematic fare, Michael Sailstorfer’s If I should Die in a Car Crash, it was Meant to be a Sculpture calls to mind the (often violent) self-obsession of prank-pulling artists, not to mention the fast and furious lives of film stars. Tying car culture into ephemeral performance art of the 60s, the shell of a Porsche sits threateningly on a one-way track that ends at a brick wall. A comically large red button is situated below the steering wheel. What happens if one is to get in the car and push the button? The set-up reminds viewers of superstars and princesses, statesmen and legends, all of whom met their end within twisted metal masses. James Dean, Grace Kelly, Prince Diana, the list goes on and never stops. In this set of circumstances, Sailstorfer creates a hypothetical situation set in a possible future and elevates himself to superstar status – without the tragic ending.