Top 5 Sports Bars In Los Angeles

People like to hate on LA sports fans; we arrive late, we’re front runners, we have no football team…Having lived here for three years, I know first hand that they’re right. But, come on, we’re late because our games start an hour before we leave work, we’re front runners because the Lakers win (and now the Clippers do too), and when it comes to football, why be miserable about the home team losing when all you really care about is covering the spread? Besides – try telling the Cardinal & Gold tailgate outside the coliseum that we don’t have a football team.

LA haters be damned – this is a great town for sports. While we might not cram into your tiny shoulder to shoulder hole in the wall sports bar off of Astor Place in New York but we do have some pretty sweet spots to watch your home away from home team play.