California Space Station For Sale (10-Story Antenna Included)

In 1969, the Jamesburg Earth Station transmitted some of the first images of the moon from the Apollo 11 landing.  43 years later, the remote space station in Cachau Valley, 20 miles southeast of Monterey is for sale.

For roughly $3 million you can have your own 20,000 square foot dream space station with three bedrooms, a helicopter landing and a basketball court.

If those additions make you yawn, it is also notable to mention the Milky Way observation deck and the 10-story high antenna capable of worldwide broadcasts that looks like it should be in Star Wars rather than wine country.

If you’re worried that we may one day meet our end through nuclear warfare, then the Jamesburg Earth Station is the perfect place to calm your nerves.  Built during the height of the Cold War, the space station is capable of withstanding a five-megaton nuclear attack.

Being a home for an avid space junkie or history buff is just one of the reasons to purchase the space station.  Other uses for the property include a storage space for cars, a server farm, or even a unique place to preserve wine.

Space exploration is the newest craze for the rich and famous, just ask Virgin Mobile’s founder and space travel aficionado Richard Branson.  Sure in the near future you can book a flight to the moon, but only a select few can say they own a space station with modern luxuries.

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Source: LA Times