Haute Last Minute Gift Guide: For the Foodie!

The holidays are here and for those of you living under a rock, it is officially last minute! For all of you who have been busy with the hoopla of work and family, you’re late to the gift-buying party. Fear not, for I have compiled a serious list of better-late-then-never fantastic presents that will make the receiver think you planned well in advance. What’s more haute then a gal with a faux plan, anyways?

For the next few days, we’ll cross off that picky person on your list, starting with the food connoisseur. You know the one that has their own basement wine cellar, buys lamb shank on Gilt Taste, and has truffle season marked on their calendar? Yeah, that one; here’s a few ideas to add to their culinary infused lives.

Clockwise: Bomboloni, Les Palais des Thes, Godiva, Cookie Panache, Fika, La Esquina

Homemade with their freshly prepared fillings, Upper West Side favorite Bomboloni is bringing a new definition to donut. These unmistakably Italian bites will leave an eater speechless with luscious fillings and bold flavors.  The pastry collection includes tastes like crème brulee, bloog orange, peanut butter cup, Nutella (yes, please), holiday-perfect chestnut, and many others. Belissimma! www.bomboloni.com

For the travel lover that needs her Paris fix, but can’t hop a plane, there’s Le Palais des Thés. What is more fabulous then sipping the City of Light’s beloved tea after an afternoon at Musee Carnavalet? Sipping it at home! Hello, exclusivity! The set of  their three limited edition teas (inspired by Tibetian and Turkish recipes) will be perfect for the entertainer who likes to wow her guests with her knack for eccentric sips. Also, it’s the gift that keeps on giving—you’re introducing them to their new online U.S. boutique—très chic! us.palaisdesthes.com

For the sweet tooth, a box of Godiva’s Parfait Chocolates screams indulgence. A collection that combines all the fabulous fixings of the multi-layered favorite into a compact chocolate cup, it will be a sure hit. A never-failing brand, the treasured chocolatier brings on the decadence with Strawberry Cream Trifle, Chocolate Spice, Éclair, Mocha Almond, Pear Almond Tarte and Death by Chocolate—need I say more? www.Godiva.com.

Brought to you by NYC catering alum, Between the Bread, Cookie Panache became a worldwide cookie sending system in 2008. With hand decorated cookies fit for any occasion, as well as brownies and other sweet delights, an assorted box would be essential for the foodie family on your list. With a variety that is sure to appeal to everyone under one roof, Cookie Panache seals the holiday deal. Besides, the adorable toy soldier cookie will leave everyone wishing for a Christmas showing of The Nutcracker. Hey, you have the concessions already! www.cookiepanache.com

For the brooding thinker, the Four Elements truffle set from FIKA will have them appropriately prepped and satisfied for the end-of-the-world as we know it in 2012. In cahoots with life’s bumps in the road, these rich truffles  (Earth & Earthquake, Wind & Tornado, Water & Tsunami,  Fire & Volcano) will leave global warming in the back of your mind, along with the recession, and other things we’d like to forget about 2011 (hello, Charlie Sheen!) Chocolate with hints of Sea-Salted Caramel, Pop Rocks, Tabasco, and Kahlua is what’s on the menu here—these definitely won’t be a regift, that’s for sure. www.fikanyc.com

For the restaurant-savy, famed hot spot, La Esquina, known for their savvy take on Mexican street fare has created a line of Salsa Roja, a fusion of sweet, ripe tomatoes, tart green tomatillos, spicy arbol chile peppers, garlic, and onions, all charred on the grill and blended to produce a silky and bright, slightly sweet and tangy salsa layered with hints of smoky notes. Even better, it’s made from their own original recipe. It makes for a perfect dip when hosting guests or simply as a marinade when cooking fish or chicken, this spiced sauce will leave your receiver begging for more all the way to the restaurant in the Lower East Side.  www.esquinanyc.com