Versace’s H&M Launch, Is Like Training For The Olympics!

Is it really worth the wait for those expensive addictions? Is it worth the battles of hair pulling and garment pulling battles? Versace what have you done to these crazed-fashionable fashionista’s? Yes, we love the runway looks, the deviant catwalk struts, but the empty pockets, are not this seasons favorite bad habit. That’s why H&M has become Versace’s new BFF this holiday season for those fashion obsessed fans!

But, these intolerable fiasco fashion finds for H&M’s designer launch yearly, are not becoming a Christmas wish, but maybe a lethal wish. The stomping, racing and hurdling over mannequins for that one piece feels as if we have been training for the Olympics or something. Start stretching everyone for these yearly designer launches, because this is definitely not an event for amateurs! The prices might be slightly affordable, but the wait and the battling could be quite disappointing! Just because your attendance is on point for that line outside, before the gates open, does not mean the goods will still be there. To snatch up the goods you want, an early start, a wristband and no goodie bag this year might or might not get you the piece you have been craving for. Everything might be gone, except for some leftover pillows or cobalt blue Versace beanies, because the men are turning around and selling the goods off of eBay! Not even an hour after the event has started and already the Versace goods are on eBay….for double! So not fair for us fashion lovers! H&M should hold interviews, before consumers step through that door! There should be a background check to see if you are a true fashion lover or if you are here to just make a buck off the goods. So, if one doesn’t find the size, color or piece you have been anticipating for, it’s most likely on eBay, but not for the price you have saved up for! So, the question for next year is, will the designer be fabulous enough to wait for or would you rather sleep in and skip it all?