The Top 10 Most Beautiful Cafes in the World

For most of us, coffee breaks taken during busy work days are those 15 minutes we most look forward to. While the Starbucks and Coffee Beans of today are a dime a dozen, there’s something to be said about those particularly special cafes around the world, that possess a perfect balance between charm and authenticity. The experience of enjoying a cappuccino (in a proper glass mug versus a styrofoam cup, no less) is worlds apart from the coffee runs we have become so accustomed to. Some of the most extraordinary cafes are located in Hungary, Venice, Paris, and Buenos Aires. Here, we highlight some of these truly beautiful cafés from across the world:

1. Cafe New York: Budapest

2. Caffe Florian: Venice

3. Cafe Imperial: Prague

4. Cafe de la Paix: Paris

5. Cafe Central: Vienna

6. Cafe Majestic: Porto

7. Confeitaria Colombo: Rio de Janeiro

8. Cafe Gambrinus: Naples

9. Cafe Tortoni: Buenos Aires

10: Cafe Greco: Rome

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