Is Food The New Wave Fashion Trend For The Runway?

Is food the new wave fashion trend?  Will models whisk down the runway with today’s most craved delights this fall or winter?  Well, at least we all know the models won’t eat the food, right?  Throw it to the audience (lion pit), because everyone knows that food is the eye candy for a runway or the tabloids!  Sure, the fashion industry is a 300 billion dollar industry, but how much is this world’s food industry really worth? Who really knows?

Yes, we all love the long stemmed models strutting down the catwalk, but in the meantime, what are we really thinking about, while watching and waiting for fashion shows grand finale?  How good does Italian Rustic, BBQ, Southern Soul food, Ramen, Thai, Modern Cuisine or just anything sound, while one is strapped to a seat at the show?

The Corner features, Cathead’s BBQ, Ken Ken Ramen, Soul Groove Waffles and Chicken, Eat Restaurant, Crazy Thai, Bernal Supper Club and Sweet Jo’s Chili&Biscuits, in which each pop up is mouth watering. Where does everyone want to hibernate after an event, if no food is allowed?  A restaurant, a bar or anything sounds invigorating! Another new edition to The Corner is Bravo’s Top Chef, Chef Josie, for Global Soul at  The Corner, can make ones teeth sweat on Saturdays.  From Cuban to Italian Rustic food, it’s a mysteryof what will be on next week’s menu from Chef Josie.   And that’s not the only dinner delight being served on a platter at The Corner.  With a row of 8 pop up restaurants featured at The Corner, which is the best night to show your attendance?

Why not try every night for a variety on those taste buds! This emerging diamond in the rough pop restaurant settles right in the very heart of the Mission in San Francisco and the food is more than to die for! The art, the decadence, the ambiance and the welcoming is a make you feel at home type of place, but has a modern touch to it.  So strap on those Prada Mary Janes, Hugo Boss leather slides for the gentlemen or just strap on a pair of your best running shoes and haul that booty over to  The Corner!