A Last Hoorah in LA LA Land!

Spending the summer in Los Angeles was a wonderful way to come off the busy season in Miami. Between filming the first season of The Real Housewives of Miami, planning and executing what was another super successful run of the Blacks’ Annual Gala, working on my upcoming product launches, and maintaining my roles of wife and mother, my hands were pretty full. LA represents a short respite for Roy, RJ, and myself—a place for different experiences with a different set of familiar faces. And so, to that end, we ended our west coast summer with a party to celebrate a few of our friends.

All in all it was an eclectic mix of fun, creative types that included Martyn Lawrence-Bullard from Million Dollar Decorator; Lisa Ann Walter, actress, producer and judge of the Oxygen network’s “Dance Your Ass Off;” Michael Broussard, literary agent with lots of New York Times best-sellers; Tim Rosta, branding and marketing expert; interior designer, Maxim Jacquet, and his partner, owner of Fig and Olive Restaurant (which we love!); photographer Richard Franklin; Barry Peele of Sotheby’s; international fashion photographer Greg Lotus, (who is responsible for lensing the beautiful editorial in the September issue of Haute Living magazine on top of his existing successes which include over 100 Vogue cover shoots).  We also had Amy Weiss, whose agency represents top talent in LA including Courtney Cox, Jennifer Aniston, and Brad Pitt; and her husband, Steve Weiss, who is George Burns’ nephew. Joe Francis; Extra producer, Mariam Zelai; Adam Gaynor from Matchbox Twenty and of course Heather McDonald, comedienne from Chelsea Lately who does the BEST “Housewives” impressions-ever.

Back to school time means back to Miami and we spent Labor day weekend socializing with Cat from Real Housewives of DC, Greg Lotus and my friend James Davis aka Elaine Lancaster. It was a great way to return home. Today was RJ’s first day back! In between planning my NCY press event for my skincare line, “Sudden Youth”; attending the State of Florida’s upcoming Dept. of Juvenile Justice Foundation Meeting and even gearing up to host Fashion’s Night Out at the Village of Merrick Park (where Haute Living will also have a lounge just outside of Neiman Marcus) — I hope to see you all here, there and everywhere.

In the meantime, stay tuned as I continue to bring you highlights of all the haute happenings in Miami, right here on HauteLiving.com.