Live And Learn

Born and bred on the east coast, a New Yorker to say the least, Anne Marie Massacco would never have guessed that she’d be setting up what is currently weighing in as a 30-year stint as a resident of San Francisco. However, in those three decades, the lady has managed to make her mark as a west side-based woman of substance.  And substance is at the helm of her appeal. Massacco’s endeavors, personally, professionally, and philanthropically, all have deep roots in education. Supporting programs that teach our youth on a myriad levels and through varying platforms, Massacco expresses why: “ I think schools and family support organizations are key to keeping the youth of this city safe and helping them reach their full potential.” Chairing fashion shows for the Junior League, galas for the Opera Guild, and even founding The Oak Hill School for children with learning disabilities, is her way of aiding children on their journey to reaching said potential, and the world is grateful for the strides she’s made.

One far-reaching arm of her efforts comes by way of involvement in the annual Opera Gala, the always well-attended fete at which Massacco will act as co-chair, alongside Susan Tamagni, this year. Passionate about opera and opera education, Massacco’s involvement in the San Francisco Opera Guild has much to do with their unique approach to getting children involved with opera. “The San Francisco Opera guild brings opera into the schools and students into the opera house,” she explains. Adding that “[it] gives youth the opportunity to a have some exposure to this wonderful, multi dimensional art form.”

Massacco’s education is one that exists outside of reading, writing, and arithmetic. “I am always talking to and trying to help people who are interested in improving our education system; I believe we need to expand the way we teach our children, I wish the education system was more creative and engaging.” She finds valuable lessons for a well-rounded life in things like opera, which she hopes will touch young souls the way it does hers. “It brings me a sense of joy and wonder and I want others to have the opportunity to share that experience.  I think the creative arts expand our minds and imagination; I would like to see this be a part of everyone’s life.”

Massacco credits all she’s able to accomplish with living in “an amazing country and terrific city” that allow her to use her skills to support organizations that are effectively trying to help people in the community achieve a better life. And quality of life is something she actively pursues, personally, traveling the world to places like Turkey which she dubbed her favorite trip of late. This woman of substance also plays the mother role, raising two boys and helping them become independent and caring men. She proudly admits that she can also “mix a mean Cosmopolitan and makes a world class strawberry short cake.” How’s that for substance?