Hautos: Your Guide to the Best of Fuel-Efficient Luxury Automobiles

I have been in the market for a new car, but have been hard pressed to find a decent looking Hybrid that doesn’t make me squirm every time I look at it.  Although, it’s not necessary to drive a Hybrid, I live in Los Angeles, and I am tired of people glaring at me through their wheat grass shots, as I exit my high consumption vehicle.  Therefore, finding a more fuel-efficient (yet still stylish) car is high on my “must do” list.  Enter the efficient luxury automobile.

In recent years, luxury vehicles have been synonymous to the high-powered, gas-guzzling six-, eight-, and 12-cylinder engines they embody.  Yet, with stricter Corporate Average Fuel Economy standards upon us, many luxury automakers are jumping on the bandwagon to offer more efficient four-cylinder engines in the United States.  This concept had been tested over ten years ago in the U.S. but was met with mild reviews and low sales. Luxury automakers abroad have been offering four-cylinder engines for years, and with the recent popularity in Hybrids and more fuel-efficient cars, this concept will now be more profitable in the U.S.

Although, Acura, Audi and Lexus already offer more efficient engines, Mercedes Benz, Land Rover and BMW will begin unveiling four-cylinder engines in the U.S. later this year.

My personal favorite that I am very excited about is the new C-Class Coupe available this September from Mercedes-Benz. It offers a four-cylinder turbocharged engine and will get an estimated 24 miles per gallon in combined city and highway driving.  This would be my cute and stylish equivalent to a Toyota Prius.

Land Rover has unveiled the Range Rover Evoque, a 2.2-liter diesel four-cylinder engine that will be available this summer, starting at around $40,000.  Lindsey Lohan was given one of these, and if the way her courtroom attire flies off of clothing store shelves is any indication of the sales of the Evoque, you may have to get on a waiting list to get one.

Lastly, BMW finally confirmed the switch to a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder. Yet, it is unknown which model will have the new engine, it most likely will be the X1 Crossover, which has already experienced high European sales in that model.

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