Haute Décor: The Underwater Masterpieces of Mosaicist Inc.

Browse the Mosaicist Inc. portfolio of hundreds of completed pool designs and you will see these aren’t just pools, these are bona fide works of art. With projects that span from simple shimmering cobalts and turquoise finishes to intricate patterns and stunning classical designs that could arguably rival those of The Louvre, it’s no wonder that Mosaicist Inc. is the premiere architectural mosaic design company in the world. They not only create one-of-a-kind custom pools but they also do murals in upscale homes, and even murals in cathedrals! They have also expanded into other U.S. markets like California and New York, and their current lineup includes projects in Cyprus, St. Thomas, and Switzerland.

At the forefront of Mosaicist Inc. is the charismatic and charming Ray Corral, the company’s founder and chief designer. Though humble in his own personal artistic abilities, Mr. Corral takes great pride in his business, which he literally built from the ground up more than 12 years ago. While designing the interiors of upscale South Florida homes, he stumbled upon his passion for mosaics. Mr. Corral transitioned from designing and laying out mosaic designs for upscale kitchens, medallions, and bathrooms into comprehensive design work for pools. “It was a fairly natural transition for me,” said Mr. Corral, adding, “I saw that because of their high-end finish, mosaic materials hold up very well in water.” Not only does Mosaicist Inc. offer superior design services, but they provide clients with a unique threefold approach that is unmatched in the industry. “We do planning and design, but we also oversee the manufacturing process and the onsite installation,” Corral explains.
Mr. Corral’s own artistic aptitude should not be dismissed. Prior to the initial mosaic design project the company takes on, Mr. Corral meets with the client’s architect/designer, then he gets to know the homeowner’s personality, artistic style, and their likes and dislikes. Accordingly, he begins work on the design while keeping in close touch with the homeowner. He then gathers his team of proven artisans and designers, who help turn his vision into reality. Word spread fast of his accomplishments and, because very few companies specialized in mosaic pool designs, Mosaicist Inc. had found its niche.

So where does Corral find his inspiration? “Since 90 percent of my jobs are new construction, I get the architect’s plans of the unbuilt pool and design on top of it. To assure the mosaic pool will complement the home’s style and texture (in addition to the homeowner’s input), I consider the elevations of the home and its relation and style of the surrounding landscape. Once the client approves the designs and colors, we go ahead and start the manufacturing process. Then my artisan installers piece it together like a puzzle onto the actual pool and secure it in place.” The team’s personalized service is seen from start to completion. Even as the manufacturing process is taking place, Mosaicist Inc. will continue to send the client pictures of the process to ensure that they are satisfied along the way.

With this more than stellar combination of artistic talent and personalized customer service, Mosaicist Inc., has certainly made a named for itself, designing pools for high net-worth individuals and families.

So what’s next for this boutique company that is constantly outdoing itself with every project it takes on? “We plan on opening offices in New York and L.A., and continuing to expand,” Corral says. This is really just the beginning; and who knows, maybe one day you will see a Mosaicist Inc. designed pool on display at The Louvre. Move over, Michelangelo, make room for Mr. Corral; we hope you don’t mind getting a little bit wet.

For more information you can visit the Mosaicist website at www.mosaicist.com

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