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  • Eric Christian
  • Eric Christian has been a lover of style all his life. He credits his parents, through his humble upbringing, for his taste, personality, and most of all, fashion and style. Originally from the small country town of Arcadia, FL, Eric enjoyed getting dressed to go to church and school. When no one else would, Eric often pushed the envelope. Whether it was pairing a leather biker jacket with a vintage inspired tee, rocker skinny jeans and boots or matching a corduroy blazer with a white button down, jeans, and loafers, Eric always had his own style. Eric attended Florida International University in Miami and graduated with a degree in advertising and marketing. Later he began modeling and acting, but it was during this time that he realized his passion for fashion and beauty could not be denied nor overlooked. Eric began interning with a personal shopping and styling agency in Miami Beach called “Atomic- Funk” under Teddy Gunter and Derek Warburton. Eric also learned the trade of personal shopping and the behind the scenes work of styling and creating an editorial story. Eric later participated in U.K. based magazine Refresh under David Tickler. Since then, Eric has honed his talent styling freelance window displays for companies like D&G. Eric also credits his experience to magazines such as Vogue because he feels like it is necessary to be on top of trends and the season’s forecast of style. Eric is often heard saying “Designers make it possible for all of us.”

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