Get Haute and Taut for the Red Carpet in Culver City

Kenna Ramsey and Moe Daniels opened Sweat Pilates back in 2008 before Culver City became what it is today – a Westside epicenter for art, culture, good food and good vibes…

But there was something missing – a good exercise studio. Considering everyone and their mother was jumping on the yoga bandwagon, Moe and Kenna decided to go a different route — SPX Pilates (SPX is a combination of weight training and Pilates). In 2009 , they expanded their sweaty empire and added Sweat Studio just next door, a 1400 square foot studio where men and women can indulge in TRX Suspension (you support your own weight and believe me, it’s a lot harder than working out with the free weights) Zumba, and Sweat Extreme, among others.

So if you want to stay out of Hollywood (except for the parties) and get your exercise on elsewhere, do what lovely ladies like Cam Diaz, Dita Von Teese and Hayden Panettiere do – get on that Pilates machine and work yourself to your very core.