Safwan Dahoul’s “Still Dreaming” at Ayyam Gallery, DIFC

Solemn still figures enveloped into black and white minimalist spaces; cocooned into each other and delicately folded as if hidden in some secret dreamworld. These are images from Syrian artist Safwan Dahoul’s “Dream” series which will be on view at the Ayyam Gallery in DIFC starting from January 17th.

A leading regional painter with international recognition, “Still Dreaming” displays work which continues to advance three decades of Dahoul’s inspiring career. His over-size acrylic canvases hold an intricate visual language influenced by both ancient and modern art.

Found in these latest works is a recurring iconic heroine who is depicted in a range of postures at times curled up and suspended in midair, elongated on a flattened surface or accompanied by another similar figure. The cadence of lines in these images mirror that of Arabic calligraphy.

The works resonate melancholic feelings and isolation, yet even so they touch upon the artist’s innate genius: His ability to couple native Arabic and modern influences while giving them powerful symbolic and literary meaning.

“Still Dreaming” takes place at Ayyam Gallery from 17th January through 28th February

Ayyam Gallery


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