La Belle Epoque Jewels: Unique embellishments from the Past

In need of a special and beautiful gift which carries with it a mysterious historical past? Beautiful and rare gems fitted into unique embellishments from the Victorian, Edwardian and Art Nouveau eras, La Belle Epoque Jewels is one of the first boutiques to offer precious fine antique and estate jewelry in Dubai.

The name “Belle Epoque” refers to “The Beautiful Era” (1895-1914), a time which was known for its prosperity and for the rich and lavish lives of the privileged few who experienced extravagance. Similarly the jewelry of this era were heavily embellished beautiful adornments.

Director Carrie Ryan chose the name “Belle Epoque” as a way to emphasize the rarity and beauty of her jewels regardless of their time period. A graduate gemologist and experienced antiques dealer, Carrie has a wonderful eye for sophisticated historical jewels. Each piece has been chosen according to her judgment and the majority come with independent certification and valued for insurance purposes. What could be more meaningful to gift than a precious jewel in which you can add a piece of history to its already glistening past.

For a private or group viewing, call Carrie to make an appointment.

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