Hospitality and Entertainment Visionary, Seth Greenberg Dishes on What’s Haute at 1500 Degrees

From posh nightclubs to restaurants that fall amongst the upper echelon of east-coast dining options, Seth Greenberg’s had a hand in it all. Most recently, he’s turned his attention to 1500 Degrees; a steakhouse-cum-farmhouse concept nestled in Miami Beach’s Eden Roc hotel, just past the Peter Tunney-lined wall that Greenberg calls the “silent corridor.”

A Tuesday afternoon escape to the hotel meant a sit-down with the hospitality industry impresario himself to chat past successes, future endeavors, and the perfect temperature at which to cook a steak—a fact understandably crucial once one becomes aware that the proper temperature is, in fact, a sizzling 1500°, and the restaurant’s namesake.

1500 Degrees has been enjoying strong accolades under the direction of Executive Chef and Hell’s Kitchen runner-up, Paula DaSilva, who is at the helm of the constantly evolving menu, making sure to change offerings daily and according to season in order to incorporate only the freshest local ingredients.  And by fresh, we mean cut from the garden growing just outside the perimeter of the restaurant’s outdoor seating terrace.

Details on the restaurant’s design, where you’ll find the star table, and the plans for expansion within the property were all as juicy as the steaks, but you’ll have to get your fill in the next issue of Haute Living.