Secrets of the Packing Queen

author, Jeri Lynch

For the professional jetsetter, serial vacationer or determined business traveler mastering the art of packing light becomes mandatory over time. Being based in Hawaii while working for left and right coast companies has certainly caused me to do my fair share of traveling. And although, I get better at packing with each trip through check-in and TSA, I’m still certainly no expert and only dream of the day when I too can become a true packing queen.

Looks like my more organized and less cluttered suitcase days are on deck as Hawaii-based lady wanderlust, Jeri Lynch has written a practical yet humorous guide to travel called Secrets of The Packing Queen (SPQ). After moving to Hawaii in 2001, both Lynchs’ mileage plus and suitcase organizing sessions got a serious spike in traffic prompting her to come up with a painless packing system.

Through trial and error, Lynch devised a method allowing her to travel with very little luggage all the while having a wardrobe that’s stylish, versatile and fun. Learn tips like the “3-5-9 Combine” method of packing that suggests sticking to a palette of three colors, five components, nine accessories which can they be translated into endless outfit combinations (82 to be exact!). Lynch also unveils the best multi-tasking must-haves like a black cashmere scarf, pareo (aka sarong), dresses, tunics, leggings, a travel umbrella and an iPAD. And, the packing queen even discloses her preferred, tried and tested cosmetic and apparel brands.

The Etc. Etc. Etc. Chapter in SPQ was my personal favorite covering the gamut from must read novels before you go, the best in foreign converting kits, travel folios and the handy dandy celsius/fahrenheit converter.

By the end of the 85-page savvy, stylish manual you’ll have learned a dozen reasons to carry on, 11 steps showing you how, eight pieces of must have travel equipment and those eighty-two outfits of course. Say see ya to pre and de-plane stress and order a copy of the Secrets of The Packing Queen.