“Lucid Dreaming” by Ebru Uygun at the Green Art Gallery

Untitled, 2010, by Ebru Uygun

Opening on January 10th at the Green Art Gallery in Dubai is “Lucid Dreaming”, an exhibition of works by emerging Turkish Ebru Uygun. The show will inaugurate the gallery’s new space on Al Serkal Avenue in Al Quoz.

Jagged, edgy and displaced, Ebru’s work centers around the deconstruction of traditional oil painting. She reverts back to customary techniques of painting creating works which consistently show a demolishing of her oeuvre and then a reconstruction. Such a practice couldn’t be better exemplified than by the technique of adding and then tearing of strips of her paintings which often led to the appearance of “scars” on her canvases. The artist then used scissors to cut up her canvases before putting them back together.

Ebru now works with four sheets of canvas which she paints and then deconstructs by hand. She also works with sound in her painting recording the process of deconstruction and reconstruction as if it were a performance.

Green Art Gallery

Al Quoz 1, Street 8, Al Serkal Avenue, Unit 28

04 346 9305