There’s No Place Like Own…Own Realty, That Is

There seems to be no stopping the force that is Perci Piétro.

His great grandfather was the ruler of what used to be the part of Persia, which is known today as Azerbaijan, and his grandfather was one of the top generals in Iran under the Shah’s regime. And just like his ancestors before him who led their countries, Piétro leads in the world of real estate with his innovative business model, years of unparalleled experience, and his undying passion for what he does best—deal making.

“The world is ever changing each day, and continuing into the future with antiquated ideas is a recipe for failure,” Piétro says. Rewind several years back, the modern-day visionary was actually pre-med in college. It seemed like a good fit at the time; after all, both of his parents are physicians. Yet instead of pursuing a career in medicine, Piétro attained his Master of Business Administration degree (MBA) and followed in his great ancestors’ footsteps by heading to Miami with the belief that the “best way to predict the future is to create it.” It’s a motto he still stands by today.

His first business pursuit in the Magic City was actually a trendy nightclub in South Beach called W6 Lounge, one of the most exclusive night spots on the beach. With the popularity of his VIP club, Piétro next took a chance in the world of real estate. He initially purchased several luxury condos in upscale buildings such as the Continuum, 1500 Ocean Drive and later, the Setai, Canyon Ranch, Fontainebleau and W, all the while gathering an extensive list of contacts. Along with his intelligence and intuition, Piétro opened World Real Estate Exchange, and in no time he was transacting on millions of dollars on both a private and public level in all facets of the industry.

After several years with his company, World Real Estate Exchange, Piétro became one of the top names in real estate by leading his firm’s more than 100 associates in selling more pre-construction units in residential projects than any other group in South Florida. This in turn led to his current venture, Own Realty, a full-service, international, luxury brokerage firm specializing in residential, commercial, land, business, consulting, and property management on the American Riviera. With an office on Brickell Avenue, Piétro works amongst the banks and law firms in the largest financial district south of Wall Street.

The firm’s edge is it’s one of the only true international real estate firms in all of South Florida. “Although many agencies claim to be international brokerages, most of them rarely attend global trade shows, events, and seminars. Last season we had a presence at the National Association of Realtors event in San Diego and after networking for several days with more than 20,000 attendees and delegates from around the world, we came to realize we were the only firm in attendance from Miami” says Piétro.

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