Santa Monica’s Hottest (and Best) MediSpa

Who wants down time, bruising and stitches? That’s so 2009. At Beauty Park Spa on Montana (yes, there actually is a place you can hit outside of Bev Hills that can do fab non-surgical work on you) Nurse Jamie Sherrill is your go to girl. “This year alone, non-surgical treatments are up over 100%,” says the RN.

Why Montana? “There’s something about being close to the water, and people walking around with their yoga mat and a latte; it’s just a cool fun vibe,” relays Sherill. And she’s definitely made the right decision (vs. incision). In addition to a huge following of Westsiders (and beyond), she is an “EXTRA Lifechanger” and has been a part of Fashion Team, KTLA, Good Day LA and Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. On The Simple Life she was a series regular – the nurse to Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie.

Her clients have included celebs like Kirsten Dunst, Leeza Gibbons, Jennifer Love Hewitt and many others – all who appreciate her medical prowess combined with an artistic eye.

What’s hot right now: Body Contouring (Zerona); Photo Facials.

If you’re keen to see Jamie at work, you can catch her on Extra TV as one of their Life Changers:

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