Natasha Bedingfield Brings a Pocket Full of Sunshine at Hotel Indigo

Often times, the day in day out events for a New York City journalist become formulaic and blur into memories of cocktails, business card swapping, celebrities at step and repeats and a pitch of some newfangled product or company. Though I am always one to RSVP ‘yes’ with enthusiasm to an event, gala or soiree, at the end of the evening, despite departing with an overstuffed goodie bag, there is still a somewhat empty sensation and continuation of the ‘what’s next’ syndrome.

However, there are those events that stand out, are truly fulfilling and imprint the most special memories of a journalist’s career. I was recently awakened with fond emotions of hope and empowerment at the Hotel Indigo Chelsea with an intimate performance by pop singer Natasha Bedingfield.

George Buchelli, Natasha Bedingfield and Morris Moinian

Hotel Indigo, which has 36-hotels nationwide, launched a national campaign and contest called Locals Know Best with Grammy nominated singer/songwriter Natasha Bedingfield this past summer. Contestants submitted their favorite hometown hotspots. The best answers won an ad appearance in People Magazine and a trip to meet Natasha and for a special performance. The type of contest I’ve frequently had my doubts about, but alas, here we all were and it was very much real.

Singer Natasha Bedingfield poses with contest winner Lori Frary

Meeting Lori and her husband from Sarasota, Florida, I asked them how they felt about winning. She said, “It’s a beautiful thing, you never know where life will take you. One day you are in Sarasota working at a art gallery and then the next moment you are in New York City at the center of it all. And what is interesting is that here we are in the flower district and there are plants native to Florida lining the streets.”

Singer Natasha Bedingfield

The lights dimmed and Natasha took the stage. When Natasha sang, merely 20 feet away, it’s almost as if her words hit this soft spot in my throat, through my heart and through the floorboards, as though someone had dropped a bucket of sunshine in the back pocket of my G-star jeans. As the evening winded down, we departed with a refreshing, revitalizing energy and an illuminating smile.

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