Haute Exclusive Sound Check with DJ Alan Liao

DJ Alan Liao, hailing from Sao Paulo, Brazil, has taken on New York City by storm. Performing night after night at the hottest clubs and parties of the year, he never ceases to amaze crowds with his adrenaline rushing mixes. With a calming cool demeanor and confident yet humble vibe, he opened up to Haute Living in this exclusive interview about his passions, his dreams and what drives him to be on his A-game time and time again.

What is the first album you ever bought and has it been instrumental in shaping your career?

AL:  My first album was ”Fear of the Dark” by Iron Maiden which is heavy metal.  I was in rock bands and I’ve played the guitar since I was 10 years old.  Although I play house music today, coming from a rock and roll background has definitely influenced and expanded my knowledge in music and stage.  As a musician, I think it’s important to absorb all types of music.

What are your favorite tracks to play?

AL:  Every performance varies depending on the audience and the venue.  I like mixing classic remixes along with new house music tracks.  I play my own productions and beats so I always have something fresh.  I also enjoy surprising the crowd with songs from my hometown Brazil.

Deadmau5 is known for driving fans wild with his mousehead. For you, what is that one signature trademark that escalates your fans adrenaline?

AL:  I hope that it’s my music that continues to drive my fans adrenaline.  When I’m DJing, I pay attention and interact with the crowd.  I become my music and the crowd feeds off my adrenaline at the same time.  I love seeing their excitement and energy as they get lost in the music as well.

Who do you see as the most influential DJs of today (other than yourself of course)?

AL:  I think the most influential DJs of today are Tiesto and David Guetta, they’ve become household names in music. Tiesto has become the biggest name in electronic music; he’s one of the pioneers.  David Guetta has innovated the market by putting together pop and hip hop with house music beats.  And thank you for your compliment.  I’m working on several productions now.  Music is my passion and I’m blessed to work with what I love.

We hear you will be performing November 1st with electric violinist Sarah Charness. What are your feelings about collaborations between DJs and electronic musicians, which seems to be quite the trend lately?

AL:  Music has no limits.  Mixing a classical instrument with a live DJ is very modern in an artistic point of view. Sarah Charness is a very talented violinist and I’m looking forward to performing with her.  You can catch our performance Monday, November 1st for the Winter Food Drive benefiting City Harvest in Samsung Experience at the Time Warner Center.

Let’s talk about fashion, who are your favorite designers and do you feel style is important for a DJ’s image?

AL:  I think style represents who you are.  My style is mostly t-shirt and jeans with a bit of edge.  I’d like to consider myself a simple kind of guy.  I don’t know much about designers, I am learning.  But if you ask me about music, I can talk for hours.