Get Your Shop On at Boutique Week Boston

Listen.  We know you don’t need a reason to go shopping.  Anytime is a good time to get yourself a little something special.  But when 34 stores in and around Boston come together to offer a special deal for one week only, there really isn’t any excuse for not going shopping. Plus, it’s a great way to find some new hidden gems that perhaps you have yet to uncover down a sleepy side street in the city or in a suburban area you have yet to traverse.

Boutique Week kicks off October 24th and runs through Halloween Day, October 31st. This semi-annual event includes 34 Boston area boutiques offering a minimum of 25% off at least half of the stores’ merchandise for the entire week.  In order to participate, you need to know the secret password.  Luckily, the password is easy to uncover.  Just sign up at and it will be emailed to you. Then, when you are ready to make a purchase at the boutique (or, let’s be honest here, the boutiques) of your choosing, just give them the password to get your discount.

Now the question is where to get started. Participating shops in Boston include 1154 Lill Studio, purveyors of customized handbags; French clothier Cotélac; Elisha Daniels, a hi-end accessory boutique; Twilight in the North End; Turtle in the South End or newbie Britt Ryan at 244 Newbury Street.

Then, head over the river to Cambridge and Somerville for Mexican wearable artistry at Tis•tiK; get to Forty Winks for your sleep wear and sexy little things;  hit up Suneri for styles by emerging designers from Boston and around the world; or try out Grand for bold home furnishing options.

Or rock the suburbs with contemporary looks from Addicted in Arlington; fabulous feminine looks from Thirty Petals in Belmont (pictured); tailoring from Seta in Watertown; Zia in Brookline, focused on styles for women 30+; or Rock Reunion Clothing in Brockton and Saugus for hot fashion trends for men and women.

Exhausted yet? Better not be. There are 20 other stops to make if you want to hit them all up.  Don’t worry, we’ll be there for moral support… and if you need the name of a good spot for a foot massage after you are through… you just let us know.