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One of the newer members of the DCOTA family, the ANICHINI showroom opened its doors in April. Revered for their luxurious Italian bedding—sateen and percale sheets, woven tapestries and intricate brocades—they are venturing in to new lands in their pursuit of what they refer to as the “genuine article.” Muga silks from Assam, Tibetan cashmere woven in Nepal, and Ottoman inspired velvets and tapestries from Turkey create sensuous textures and robust colors that dress your bed. Similarly, offerings for the table allow the ANICHINI touch to transcend the bedroom and punctuate the entire home. The unstinting details of classic lines in a modern style delivered through old-world craftsmanship define the essence of ANICHINI.

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Recently expanded and relocated, the Donghia showroom now covers 10,500 square feet in the design center. Carrying the industry’s finest textiles, furniture, lighting, and accessories, Donghia is a destination for designers and their clients to indulge in special additions to their home, such as textiles from their newly released fall 2010 collection, La Vie en Rose. Earth tones dance amongst wintery pastels on textured panels to create a feeling of raw femininity that’s quite magical. Whether for drapery or wall coverings, the extra dimension offered by the textiles adds much to the home environment. With a history more than 40 years deep, Donghia’s designers have always created lines that can be layered, fitting seamlessly together in an effort to complement and enhance your décor.

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Awarded National Best Showroom of the Year by the Decorative Plumbing and Hardware Association, Designer’s Plumbing Studio prides itself on being a purveyor of the kind of special bathroom accessories that speak to their motto that a bathroom “is not just a bathroom; it’s a lifestyle.” Such pieces include bathroom fixtures like those from The Panthere Lavatory from the Cristal de Lalique Collection for THG. Marrying the expertise of famed French crystal house, Lalique, with that of well-known fittings manufacturer, THG, this black crystal bathroom accessory adds a whole new dimension to your space. $15,688.

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A 38-year old family business, Carriage House, is currently owned by founder, Ted Sherman’s son, Monroe. After more than a decade and a half in the business, the father-son duo decided to set up shop in DCOTA in 1988, which now stands some 11,000 square feet and carries some of the finest international lines while representing a number of boutique manufacturers from the US. Credited with an eye for seeking out a selection of unique products, Monroe gets traffic from top designers who are searching for the right product mix in order to deliver extraordinary results to their clients. As a result, Carriage House is heralded as one of the top design resources in the world.

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