Sleep On It: The Hi-Can Bed from Avant Gallery

Can you do the Hi-Can?

Avant Gallery’s contemporary take on the classic canopy bed recreates the most intimate space inside the bedroom with a futuristic and innovative design. The Hi-Can, high fidelity canopy, is entirely Italian-made by designer Edoardo Carlino, and brings together exclusive partnerships with leading global companies across a variety of sectors. Hi-Can’s cutting-edge technological advancements make it a unique product of its kind, incorporating regal elegance for a brand new concept of comfort and relaxation.

The sleek Hi-Can bed ensures a restful sleep providing remote controlled blinds and a pressure-balance mechanical bedding system that self-regulates for orthopedically correct support of the spine. And since the home generally lends itself to becoming an office and entertainment venue, the canopy bed comes equipped with a home theatre screen sliding down at the foot of the bed, built-in PC and full multimedia complement with game and entertainment console, HD projector to enjoy high definition movies and images, state-of-the-art sound system, and LED reading lights. All system features, including lighting, blinds, screen automation, bedding system movements, and entertainment hardware, are enabled through the ease of an iPod, iPhone or iPod touch-screen remote control.

Avant Gallery and Hi-Can designer Carlino proffer the beds wooden structure made of blockboard panels with solid wood core coated with lacquered MDF, Nappa leather upholstery with pearl finishing, and headboard covered with a layer of Altuglas acrylic gloss, while JVC brings to the bed the best in home theatre, Microsoft is the digital signature of Hi-Can’s entertainment with its Xbox 360, Nottinblù designs the bedding system for an optimal quality of sleep, and HSYCO of Home System Consulting offers its know-how in automation systems and provides an innovative home supervision system.

Avant Gallery offers an evolving collection of extraordinary objets d’art with limited availability and unlimited personality. Shop the Hi-Can, $62,500, and the unique collection of furniture accent pieces, lighting, sculpture, wall and floor décor, fine art, photography, mixed media design, and other wondrous, illusion-filled collectibles online at Avant Gallery.

Avant Gallery has made your high-tech bed, now lie in the Hi-Can and drift off to sleep in haute style.