Ports 1961 Spring 2011

It was free flowing ease and moments to breathe at Ports 1961 Spring 2011. Entitled Essadi, which is the pseudonym used by explorer Isabelle Eberhardt while journeying into Northern Africa in the 19th century, the show was a picturesque voyage through the landscape of the Sahara.

Colors were inspired by the topography of the desert: Ivory, Shell, and Rosette with dusty earth tones like Dune, Mica, Willow and Sahara. In contrast to these mild muted tones were pops of Emerald, Sapphire and Amethyst in reference to lush moments of refreshing oases.

Day wear consisted of practical tailored pieces of linen and cotton. Abstract camouflage prints inspired by the Labradorite minerals are perfect for the feel of dining on cucumber sandwiches during a chic safari outing.

Evening wear celebrated the female form. Silks flowed down the runway with sensually glowing sheen, like a fresh dew after tropical rainfall. Draped to exposed shoulders and collar bones, dresses celebrated the female form without expose of innuendo.