Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week: Tracy Reese Runway Show

“Clean, classic, mellow, groovy!…inspired by the dream of glamorous travel and immersing one’s self in a new and exotic environment.” So says the opening statement of the Tracy Reese Spring 2011 runway show program.

Since 1998, Tracy Reese has been the go-to designer for the modern woman, known specifically for her timeless, printed dresses. Even First Lady Michelle Obama has been seen in public (several times!) wearing Tracy Reese.

Like at the Malandrino presentation, safari-chic couture grazed the runway early this afternoon at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week during the Tracy Reese show. Floppy hats accented the various shades of saddle brown, ivory and army blue that seemed to be embezzled within each look. The natural flow of these colors provided an overall cohesiveness to the collection.

Bright colors, unique prints and intricate patterns also spilled out onto the runway as Reese played around with several silhouettes like knee length dresses, below the knee-length dresses, and even mini skirts, each one screaming femininity in its own unique way. Favorites of the show were the black striped lace strapless dress and the bright navy raffia pea coat.

Out of 42 different looks, almost every single one was versatile and wearable. We’re just sad we’ll have to wait until spring to wear them!