To The Max


While the backbone remains the same, Max Mara’s execution has shifted with the times. The brand continues to make strides in terms of delivering the most practical hallmark pieces for the modern-day busy girl.

Take the Margaux bag, for instance. The cornerstone of the Fall/Winter 2010 collection, Margaux was created purely as an option for lugging your Max Mara coat and the other usual suspects taking up residence in your handbag (read: wallet, Tic-Tacs, etc). Or how about the Cube, a Siberian goose down jacket that offers superior thermal performance while being completely customizable. This piece is only one example of the artful approach of the ‘S Max Mara collection, which was created in 1999 on two basic concepts: fashion and functionality. Reversible in both color and material, the Cube can be made warmer by clipping in a waist coast of any of the available colors and also accessorized by adding belts, cuffs, or collars. Sleeve lengths alternate in a single step as does the position of the hood.

The Cube offers so many options that it has become the star of the Max Mara Fashion Group’s vey first iPhone app, appropriately named Decode The Cube. The interactive game is a clever spinoff of a traditional puzzle. Created to test the player’s memory, images of the ‘S Max Mara Fall/Winter 2010 campaign are flashed on screen—just once—and then scrambled into a jumble disarray of pieced imagery. In order to decode, one must rotate the pieces and reunite them with their proper neighbor to get to the end result: the Cube coat intact. And what will Max Mara give you for your efforts? Decode the Cube once, and you’ll be instantly entered in a weekly sweepstakes to win a Cube coat of your very own. And for those with a photographic memory finely tuned enough to beat the system three times, you may find yourself en route to Milan, Max Mara style.


With 22 collections in 2,258 locations in 100 countries to date, Max Mara Fashion Group shows no sign of slowing down. Their message of style is continually executed in a very unique manner, and women are embracing it entirely. And that message is about a lifestyle that’s captured in the work of the contributors, flounce of a swing coat, the captivating imagery of their campaigns, and within the pages of the MM Magazine distributed in the stores. And as we round the bend on year 59, we eagerly await the tricks that Max Mara  is sure to have up their highly designed, completely convertible, and stowable sleeves.