EyeSpying at the New Moncler Store

The concrete jungle will turn into the Urban Slopes this fall! From EyeSpying in Moncler’s new Soho boutique, I’m forecasting a fury and Bubble Goose Trendemic this season!

Moncler is at the forefront of bringing haute shapes and innovative fabrics to the marketplace, and this fall, their over-the-top, Haute-inspired ski collection will create quite the fashion stir. The slopes in Aspen, Sweden and Vermont won’t be the only place you see eccentric ski-inspired looks.

Instead, owning a massive fur or bulky ski jacket is the most opulent trend. These winter accessories will turn your classic camel coat and tweed blazers layered with a cashmere cardigan into epic runway looks. But don’t get me wrong. If you don’t know how to work these bold pieces you can end up looking like a wildabeest!