Cerato Boutique Comes to Southport

There’s a big difference between opening a boutique in Chicago and opening a Chicago Boutique. Cerato is the latter – and proudly so. Forging relationships with local designers, championing their talents and ideas, and in the end growing along with them. A little refinement never hurt any city’s image. And it’s their hope that the clothing and jewelry designers will start to move the community spotlight from deep-dish and dogs to Chicago fashion – a local gem just as tasty, just long overlooked. The thrill of pulling together the perfect outfit. There’s nothing like it. When it all comes together, you walk a little taller, sway your hips a little more, and take for granted that more than one head is turning your way. But getting to that point is never easy. You spot a beautiful design and start thinking. Can I pull it off? Is it me? Does anyone else already have it?

Cerato Boutique was created to answer those questions. Or, rather, to help you answer them. The designers they carry are fresh, talented and part of our community. But most importantly, their unique designs will bring the you out in you. And turn hesitance into confidence.

Named for the Bach flower remedy that heightens trust in your own judgment, Cerato is a boutique that inspires you while you’re there and leaves you feeling great about yourself long after you’ve left. Whatever you walk out with – from a modest necklace to a flirty sundress that begs for attention – you can be sure of a few things. It’s not in every store window. It’s not walking down every street. It’s not her. Or her. Or her. It’s you. Without a doubt.

3451 N. Southport Ave. 773.248.8604. http://www.ceratoboutique.com/