Billy Reid is Not My Lover

Mingling backstage at Billy Reid with my favorite stylist Diaz, of Ion Studio is a my kind of haute New York Fashion Week activity.

When Diaz told me he he would be directing Billy Reid, I was beside myself to not only be hanging out with one of the coolest hair stylists in the city, but a plethora of male models. Who am I to say no?

Arriving well before the show, yet unfortunately just missing Anna Wintour’s pre-show visit, it was cool, calm and collected backstage. Not surprising as Billy Reid, who just won GQ best new menswear designer of the year,  is a family kind of man with a vision, focus on the product (not the fame) and a love of food trucks.

The hair, “it’s about accentuating what’s already there. Each model in the show embodies a character so that is already inherent in the casting. We just bring it to the next level,” said Diaz. And my oh my did they ever. Check out the pics of suave locks.