Zumba: Taking Your Workout to the Club

If you’re anything like me, dragging yourself to the gym is about as appealing as pulling teeth. For some reason, sweaty men, yoga mats and girls who look like their diet plan is coffee and cigs is more depressing than motivating. Go figure. But welcome to the future, working out in the nightclub. And this is not your average, run of the mill pop lock and drop it.

With a stage, huge dance floor, lights, drink specials, raffles, and bumpin’ stereo, Zumba After Dark is a workout like none other. Zumba takes the working out out of the gym and making it what it should be, a social dance party at a local bar. Or as they call it, a Fitness Dance Party that incorporates Latin rhythms, meringue, rhumba, samba and pop dance moves. Yep working out with a martini in tow. A bit of an oxymoron, but we’ll take it. We can only hope that next they invent the internet cruising work out.  Va va voom.

Coming to a bar near you. http://www.chicagofitnessparties.com