The Pool Artiste

With a hot summer in full swing, we have been enjoying cooling our toes poolside.

For those looking to update an otherwise drab pool floor, look no further than New York’s own mosaic artisan, Ray J. Corral. With more than 12 years in the business, his company, Mosaicist, Inc., is the undisputed leader in artistic mosaic pools. He creates elaborate works of art in a delicately bold explosion of vivid colors—not unlike classic pools you might expect to find across Florence, Rome, Naples, and other European cities.

At just 36 years old, Corral conceived Mosaicist as an outlet for creative expression. In the beginning, his projects focused on mosaic murals, but after a high net-worth client commissioned a pool design, word of Corral’s talent spread quickly; today, his work can be seen in upscale homes across New York, Florida, California, and even the Caribbean. As an artisan, his passion for the mosaic craft, along with his ambition for success, has allowed his company to dominate this niche mosaic pool business. And though Corral still designs mosaic murals (even in cathedrals), 80 percent of his company’s business comes from mosaic pools finishes.

Mosaicist presents three very distinct and exclusive services to its customers. First, the company offers planning and design. The entire process is a collaborative effort between Corral, his client, and his team of specially trained and experienced craftsmen. He explains, “Everything is done in house. It allows me to work my artistic abilities and actually design right on the architectural plans. I open them and get a feel for the architecture and the environment the client is building on; I visit the site and design it.” And, with a client base that extends across the United States and abroad, Mosaicist provides a worldwide shipping service. Shipping and packaging requires careful administration and handling since they work with fragile and valuable materials,. Finally, they offer specialized installation in any locale. “Everything is turn-key,” says Corral, who goes on to explain that his attention to detail and personal service is a big part of the results.

Eccentric, wealthy clients who are unafraid of flaunting an elaborate sanctuary in their backyard typically seek the pool finishes designed by Mosaicist. The costs accumulated from such an ornate project tend to exceed the price of regular pool finishes by a large sum. And, while Mosaicist has worked with everyone from “celebs all the way to wealthy introverts,” Corral’s true satisfaction stems from taking an environment and developing a beautifully conceived, natural, and bold scene. However, in addition to executing Versace-esque masterpieces, Mosaicist Inc. acquires most of its business from clients seeking simple, elegant mosaic finishes. That can include anything from single to multiple-color glass mosaics. “A pool can be luxurious and beautiful with a simple mosaic finish. Some people finish with just one color, and that is an important part of our business,” says Corral.

From beginning to end, each project takes anywhere from 60 to 90 days to complete, with the design and installation taking about a week and manufacturing lasting up to 45 days. Surely this is no small sacrifice for those seeking an ornately designed and colorful pool floor.

Though often challenged by demanding clients, Corral and his team of craftsmen produce beautifully planned, one-of-a-kind pool finishes anywhere they are commissioned. New York is richer for having Corral and Mosaicist Inc. as full time residents.

To learn more about mosaic pools, visit: www.mosaicist .com