The Haute 5 Things to Look For When Choosing an Arizona Country Club

Head of membership at The Country Club at DC Ranch for more than 10 years, Melanie Halpert talks about the five things to think about when considering joining a private country club in Arizona.

The state is home to more than 60 country clubs, all different sizes, with varying levels of emphasis on family activities, golf courses, dining and other fine points. So with the wants and needs of individuals and families ranging widely, choosing the perfect private country club is no easy task.

Melanie Halpert, director of membership at The Country Club at DC Ranch, encourages potential members to consider these five important things when trying to make a decision:

1.      Golf Course Conditions – Pristine conditions on a course is always a good sign. With private clubs having fewer players on the greens, there should also be fewer divots and less overall wear. Ask about how the course is maintained and if the course closes weekly for maintenance.

2.      Club Camaraderie – If having a place to enjoy a great happy hour on weekday is important, check-out the club’s social calendar and visit during the week and on a weekend to see what the atmosphere is like. Ask if special events like wine dinners typically sell out and about how many members attend the club’s big annual events.

3.      Golf Course Efficiency – The pace of play can make for a great or painful round of golf. Efficiency can at times indicate how important it is to members to protect the quality golf experience their club offers. Be cautious if a round of golf isn’t finished in under four hours.

4.      Variety of Memberships – Having a variety of ways to join a club will ensure you get the most out of a country club membership at a price that’s right for you. For example, at The Country Club at DC Ranch, clubhouse memberships that offer access to all facilities and activities, excluding golf, are offered at just $5,000. A variety of options are also typically available at different price levels including junior, sport social, single and full golf memberships.

5.      Building Family Traditions – Are you looking for a club to be the spot for annual gatherings that friends and families look forward to each year? If this is important, ensure there are incredibly fun and entertaining holiday events for all ages from Mother’s Day brunches and Easter celebrations to glamorous New Year’s Eve parties.

For those interested in what The Country Club at DC Ranch has to offer prospective members, features include a traditional golf course designed by PGA Pro Tom Lehman, a championship tennis facility, a 35,000-sqaure-foot clubhouse and a full calendar of social events including soirees of all types, everything from burger nights and wine dinners to kids’ summer camp. Memberships at The Country Club at DC Ranch are open to residents and non-residents of the DC Ranch community.  480.342.7246