Sweet Sensations: The Haute 5 Ice Cream Shops in Atlanta

Take advantage of the heat and indulge in some of Atlanta’s best ice cream shops. Here are five of the best places to get ice cream in Atlanta. Enjoy!

 Morelli’s Gourmet Ice Cream

Exotic and standard flavors of ice cream and desserts always draw crowds into Morelli’s Gourmet Ice Cream.  If you have an adventurous palette, you can try flavors like “Coconut Jalapeno” and “Sweet Corn”. But for the average person, try their delicious and homemade concoctions such as the “Death by Chocolate” or even the Strawberry sorbet which relies on the sweetness of the strawberries instead of adding sugar. And like everything else here, the waffle cones are baked daily. This little East Atlanta spot is a great after dinner spot to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Morelli’s Gourmet Ice Cream  is located  at 749 Moreland Ave Ste B-102, 404.622.0210  

Jake’s Ice Cream

It’s hard to resist this homemade ice cream at Jake’s in Atlanta.  They have a continually rotating menu of flavors including favorites such as Brown Shugah Vanilla, Thin Mint and Tiramisu Su Sudio.   For a lower fat option, try one of the fruit sorbets which are made with real fruit. And whether or not you avoid dairy, sorbets are delightful. Have an idea for a great flavor? Just tell them Jake’s and they will create it for you.

Jake’s Ice Cream is located at Irwin St. Market, 660 Irwin St. 678.705.7066

Paolo’s Gelato

If you are looking for a slight deviation from your average ice cream, Gelato from Paolo’s Gelato is the way to go.  Offering authentic gelato for ten years, this authentic Italian delights are more flavorful and less fat that regular ice cream.  A visit to the Virginia Highlands Paolo’s Gelato is almost like a trip to Italy. The classic Italian ices are delicious and oh, so Italian. You only need a small amount of this rich treat to satisfy your cravings. 

Paolo’s Gelato is located at 1025 Virginia Ave NE 404.607.0555

The Varsity

The world’s largest drive-in restaurant Varsity sits on more than two acres and can accommodate up to 600 cars and over 800 people inside. During football season, when Georgia Tech or the Falcons play at home, you will see why they need all that space—in fact, on those days they get up to 30,000 customers. While their greasy chili cheese dogs and onion rings are a tradition, I go there simply for their  creamy, homemade ice cream. They do offer sixteen flavors, but if you order one of their fried peach or fried apple pies as well, you should probably stick with Vanilla.

The Varsity Downtown is located at 61 North Avenue  404.881.1706 


A trip to Kilwin’s can present a real dilemma. Do you indulge on the homemade fudge or rich chocolate candies or do you opt for an ice cream treat?  We recommend a combination at Order a hot fudge sundae with some of their famous candy toppings and you are good to go. Located in Atlantic Station, this is a great place to head after seeing a movie or after a long day of shopping.

Kilwin’s is located at 1380 Atlantic Dr.  (19th St.) 404.817.7500