Number of Children Billionaires in Russia Grew by 1.5 Times

I am sure you have heard but there was a global economic downturn. Fortunately, for the sake of their inheritance, the children of Russia’s billionaires’ will not be affected, so we can breathe a sigh of relief. Finance magazine says that the amount of wealthy scions, based on estimates of what they can expect to inherit, has actually risen over the last year. And Finance magazine is referring only to billionaire scions.
The number of child billionaires has gone up by 1.5 times, and their combined fortunes have more than doubled. Take the richest Russian Yusuf Alekperov, the son of the president of Russia’s largest private oil company, Lukoil, Vagit Alekperov. As the only child in the family he is ‘doomed’ to lead the list with his father’s fortune estimated at $10.65 billion. That makes Yusuf the most desirable fiancé.

Taking second place in the mini-garch’s olympiad is the only son of one of the founders of Alfa Group Alexei Kuzmichev. His name and age are undisclosed but he will inherit $7.1 billion.
And taking the bronze (a metal they are perhaps unfamiliar with) medal is the two young children of aluminium mogul Oleg Deripaska, Peter and Marina. Their father’s fortune is estimated at $ 13.8 billion.
Then there are three heirs of Vladimir Lisin, each is supposed to inherit $6.27 billion. Their father, the owner of the Russian steel giant Novolipetsk Steel, was named the richest Russian with an estimated wealth of $18.8 billion.
Russia’s most eligible bachelorette is Victoria Mikhelson, daughter of director general of the gas company Novatek, is number eight in the rating with a share of $5.9 billion.
Roman Abramovich’s scions are only 37th and 42nd in the wealth league, as Roman’s fortune of $17 billion has to be shared between 6, including newly born son Aaron.

Another oligarch with business interests in the UK is the Independent and the Evening Standard newspapers owner Alexander Lebedev. His son Eugene came 25th in the rating. Eugene is something of a socialite on the London scene with $3.4 billion at his disposal.

All together there are 85 “minigarchs” in the rich list.