Haute Lunch: Dining Outdoors in Los Angeles

On a warm Los Angeles day, there is nothing better than enjoying a nice lunch outdoors. Though many restaurants offer outdoor dining, many restaurants have become famous for their patios and how important it is to be seen dining outdoors. From smaller cafes to trendy lunch spots, these four restaurants offer some of the best outdoor seating during the lunchtime rush.

Il Tramezzino
For those who swear by the “Chicken Special” sandwich, Il Tram is the perfect lunch spot to grab one of their signature salads or sandwiches. Though the restaurant has locations in Tarzana, Studio City and Beverly Hills, it is the Beverly Hills spot that became famous for their outdoor seating on Canon Drive. After becoming the first Beverly Hills restaurant to receive a permit for outdoor seating, those visiting the restaurant always requested a table outdoors. The mixture of great paninis and Beverly Hills outdoor seating makes Il Tramezzino a must for lunch.

Il Tramezzino is located at 454 N. Canon Dr., Beverly Hills, Calif.

Kings Road Café
Known for keeping the restaurant filled with screenwriters and industry types, Kings Road Café is the home away from home for those looking to grab lunch outdoors and to bring their laptops with them. Though typical lunch fare is served, the café has become infamous for their unbelievable coffee that outshines any local coffee shop’s in town. Situated between boutiques and shops, those dining outdoors will witness the hustle and bustle of foot traffic as shoppers and strollers make their way by. Though it can get busy, it is the ultimate place to eat and be seen.

Kings Road Café is located at 8361 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles

Lulu’s Café
Don’t let the checkerboard wallpaper and diner-feel fool you; this café is anything but old school and has become one of the hippest places to enjoy lunch. Their patio, which holds up to twenty tables, has become a celebrity favorite for those both living and working in the area. The large portions and quick service make this place the perfect spot for those looking to grab a quick lunch. But if you are looking to remain outdoors for as long as possible, no one at Lulu’s will mind.

Lulu’s Café is located at 7149 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles

Urth Caffé
Once home to HBO’s Entourage cast, Urth Caffé has many people choosing to eat and drink organic. The menu, packed with large salads and sandwiches, has become a popular day hangout for those looking to eat lunch as well a sip on one of their many organic drinks. The outdoor area, featuring an upper deck and street seating, is a perfect place to eat lunch in Los Angeles to catch a little sun as well as people watch. Many celebrities and those that just love this caffé use the outdoor seating area as a place of both business and pleasure. With great food and even better seating, nothing on urth can quite compare.

Urth Caffé is located at 8565 Melrose Ave., West Hollywood, Calif.