Dori’s World: J’adore La Cote d’Azur

We flew direct to Nice, where we then took a helicopter ride to get to St. Tropez. I was a little jet-lagged, but more so excited to let the week of festivities (including my birthday celebration) begin!

The night before my birthday, I celebrated at Simon and Joyce Reuben’s villa in St. Tropez with their daughter Lisa Reuben, who is my good friend. We then headed to Le Cave du Roi at midnight to ring in my official birthday. My friends Paris and Nicky Hilton were there to join me along with Low Taek Jho, and we danced to the music of the famous DJ Jackie. Joyeux anniversaire à moi!

I celebrated my actual birthday the next day at sea. My friend Inga Rubenstein threw her husband, Keith Rubenstein, and me our annual joint birthday party on Michael Tabor’s boat, Hurricane Run. Rebecca Lester, Natalie Von Bismarck, Jonathan Lourie, Jason Pomeranc, Rena Sindi, Nicolas Berguen, Goga Ashkenazi, Tamara Beckwith, Dino Lalvani, Cynthia and Henry Gabay, Ulla Parker, Nick Candy, Hofit Golan, Nicky Hilton, and Maria Buccelatti were just a few of my friends who came to celebrate. Denise Rich was so nice and had her tender send over a lovely gift. I enjoyed the celebration Inga always puts together for us. It was so great to spend my birthday in St. Tropez with Keith and such a great group of friends. That night we all headed to the annual Flower Power party.