Dallas Fashionista Heidi Dillon: The Next Reality TV Star

There’s been a lot of media exposing Dallas as the oil drilling, hair teasing, social aristocracy seen on the likes of classic television shows such as Dallas and more recently the reality series Dallas Divas and Daughters, a verifiable flop that showed viewers archaic traditions like the debutante ball as well as what would happen if the teenage girl of a wealthy Southern belle was refused a new Range Rover (hint: mayhem.)

Here’s a fun fact: Most of this is true. Dallas is a social hierarchy, and there are key players at the top that make the entire crystal ball turn. Heidi Dillon is one such woman, basking in the breeze at the top of Dallas ladder with her successful non-profit The Fashionistas, her glamorous and groomed appearance and her keen eye for business and success. As of late, however, she has been spending more and more of her time in sunny California, plugging her reality television series, tentatively and aptly named Dallasocracy (Heidi was minorly involved with the Dallas… Divas bit, but asked for a diassociation after the first episode aired.)

I for one applaud. Having had the unique opportunity to meet Heidi in her dazzling Turtle Creek abode, I found no character more appealing to reality television than this blond babe, who considers herself an artist above a socialite, swears like a sailor and drinks Moet like it’s going out of style. Even her adolescent son Dallas (also a blond, with the cool, disenchanted personality reserved for the child of a celebrity) and her super-sized Labradoodle Ralph seem perfectly fit for the screen, although they will probably serve as supporting actors in the show. Heidi, my fingers are crossed for the pickup. Ball’s in your court, Bravo.

Check out www.thefashionistas.org for more info on Heidi Dillon and her cause