Sanani: Making Coffee a Luxury Again

It’s true about a lot of things: coffee is losing its flavor. Commercialization and convenience have made ours an age of drive-thru double-shot lattes with skim milk, and I for one won’t stand for it. Neither will Sanani.

Sanani is calling the emerging trend toward sophisticated coffees a Renaissance of sorts, a throwback to the likes of Voltaire and Ben Franklin, apparently notable enthusiasts of caffeine. While you don’t necessarily have to sip Sanani in delicate gilded cups like these fellas probably did, you can still manage to be a connoisseur, selecting an elite brand grown in the original home of the coffee bean, the Yemen region of Arabia. Sanani is a Mocha coffee, one that has been brewed in the exact same way for centuries, chemical and pesticide free, putting even organic drinks to shame.

Tariq Ausaf, founder of Sanani, wanted to bring the unique experience of single-origin fine coffee to America, so he created the company and now runs it out of his Plano warehouse. It’s so tasty, samples were even thrown into 2008 Academy Awards gift bags.

“We’ve successfully captured the sophisticated flavor that put Mocha on the map centuries ago, and when you consider the fact that a part of the American Constitution was contemplated over this very same coffee, it’s like drinking a rich flavorful cup of history,” Ausaf says.

And just in time for the Fourth of July. You can find Sanani coffee at the Rosewood Mansion at Turtle Creek, or go online at to purchase the boutique coffee in bulk.