Mochi Craft Introduces the Dolphin 74 Cruiser

Downeast style? People changed their minds once they saw how the yachts, from 44 to 74 feet, blended the open-air enjoyment of a lobster boat with the stylish livability of a cruising boat.

Mochi Craft continues the tradition with its latest offering, the Dolphin 74 Cruiser. This latest model is an evolution of the Dolphin 74—which is a four-stateroom yacht introduced about six years ago—and offers four new design elements.

First, the flying bridge extends farther aft, shading the entire cockpit. It also has more alfresco spaces. Perhaps the best of these spaces is the fully forward seating/dining area. Most yacht builders place the helm station here. Mochi Craft tucked it in at the base of the mast instead, just aft and centered on deck.

The second new design element is on the main deck, where the saloon is separate from the dining area. Consider that most yachts in this size range—previous Dolphin 74s included—have one large space shared by the two. The saloon’s handful of furnishings creates intimate conversation and relaxation areas. The dining area, meanwhile, can seat up to eight people.