Let’s Talk Shop: Three Ways to Spend Your Week Spending

Not that one actually needs an excuse to shop in Dallas (I find myself at Northpark Mall simply to enjoy the frigid air conditioning), but I stumbled across three gems that will make you want to grab the Platinum card and throw on those cute yet comfy shopping sandals. Go ahead. Indulge yourself.

The Isabella Design Center

How are things in the bedroom? The IbC is expanding their store on Greenville Avenue, and in celebration they’re marking down some fantastic items. Choose from decorative throw pillows, chic comforters and more, all for 15 to 40 percent off. It’s a surefire way to keep things haute in the sack.

IbC, 2000 Greenville Avenue, 214-515-9109, www.isabellacollection.com

Uptown Consignment

I know the “C” word makes most of us shudder, but in this case, sisters Camille Umland and Connie Dieb have opened a consignment store geared toward the discerning shoppers of Dallas. Really. Louboutin booties, vintage jewelry, croc handbags, there’s something for everyone here. Think of it as rummaging through your best friend’s closet, only at least now you’ll get to wear it before her.

Uptown Consignment, 4152 Cole Avenue, 214-528-4400

Fendi Casa

Since last month’s party when someone mentioned your chic Uptown condo looked like it had been “inferiorlydesigned (ugh, so droll,) you have been dying to spruce up the place. Lucky for you, Fendi Casa is now open at the Decorative Center Dallas, offering up a smorgasbord of home furnishings and decorative goodies that will turn any cave into a castle. FYI: the door reads Luxury Living, but all items within the store are Fendi Casa.

Fendi Casa, 1617 Hi Line Drive, 214-760-9111, www.fendi.com