Hautels: The Haute 5 Hotels in San Francisco

In order to travel in style, you must know the most exclusive hotels in your destination city. Consult this list for your next trip to the city by the bay for a guaranteed luxury location.

The Ritz-Carlton

The Ritz-Carlton San Francisco is widely considered one of the best hotels in the country. In addition, The Dinning Room at the Ritz-Carlton is amongst the Bay Area’s top restaurants.  Their spa, Spa~De~Vie is also a very well known location.

The Ritz-Carlton is located at 600 Stockton St., San Francisco. For reservations call 415.296.7465 or visit http://bit.ly/3KCjCP.

The Huntington Hotel

The Huntington Hotel is known for two things, their amazing accommodations and their spa. Their Nob Hill Spa is widely known as one of the best spas in San Francisco. Patrons flock to this location for their luxury and amazing customer service.

The Huntington Hotel is located at 1075 California St., San Francisco. For reservations call 415.474.5400 or visit www.huntingtonhotel.com.

InterContinental Mark Hopkins

This hotel opened in 1926 and has been known for its opulence ever since. This is not only a gorgeous hotel, but also hosts a very popular restaurant in San Francisco. The Top of the Mark is known as a romantic ambiance thanks to it’s for fabulous cuisine and stunning views of the city.

InterContinental Mark Hopkins is located at 1 Nob Hill, San Francisco. For reservations call 415.392.3434 or visit http://bit.ly/z5ILp.


This contemporary hotel is a destination for not only guests, but San Francisco residents alike. The Redwood Room bar is a popular happy hour destination for the Financial District elite. The hotel features an apartment on the penthouse floor for private parties and is a very chic and slightly secret venue.

Clift Hotel is located at 495 Geary St., San Francisco. For reservations call 415.775.4700 or visit www.clifthotel.com.

The Fairmont

This Nob Hill hotel is the epitome of luxury. Everything from the lobby, to the ballroom, to the guest rooms drip with class and elegance. A popular event hosted by the hotel is their afternoon tea, which is a common activity for San Francisco ladies.

The Fairmont is located at 950 Mason St., San Francisco. For reservations call 415.772.5000 or visit www.fairmont.com/sanfrancisco.