Haute 100 San Francisco Update: Kenneth Fisher

Our Haute 100 list details the accomplishments of the most influential people in each of our markets—MiamiNew York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. These people continue to make moves, so rather than waiting for the next Haute 100 issue to come out, we thought we’d provide you with regular updates on those Haute 100 members who are making headlines. Check back daily for more info on the most powerful people in your city. Far from Wall Street, financial guru Kenneth Fisher continuously makes an impact on the investment community.

Kenneth Fisher

Category: Thinkers

Company: Fisher Investments

Industry: Finance

What Made Him Haute: Founder, chairman, and CEO of Fisher Investments, a multi-billion-dollar money management firm headquartered in Woodside, Kenneth Fisher is obviously an expert on finances. So it makes sense that he has been a columnist for Forbes for nearing three decades. He’s also the author of six books, including the New York Times best-seller How To Smell a Rat. Fisher has written dozens of research papers in the field of behavioral finance, and his theoretical work identifying and testing price-to-sales ratios made groundbreaking strides in defining and using PSRs as a financial forecasting tool.

What Makes Him Haute Now: His father, the late Philip Fisher, was one of the greatest growth investors of our time and Kenneth has done much to uphold the Fisher name. After studying forestry (Fisher continues to support the study of redwood ecology) and economics in college, Fisher launched what became Fisher Investments, which now manages more than $36 billion in assets. According to Forbes, Fisher alone has a net worth valued at $1.4 billion.

Serving high-net-worth individuals, foundations, endowments, and large pension plans, Fisher Investments is one of America’s largest independent moneymakers. Fisher’s success comes from his out of the box thinking, focusing on key ratios and utilizing fundamental analysis. He lends his mind on topics such as emerging markets, hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” behavioral finance, and best stock bets to numerous blogs, magazine and newspaper columns in the United States, the UK, Germany, and more.

Fisher is the fourth-longest running columnist in Forbes‘ history. His writing for Forbes was published in The Making of a Market Guru: Forbes Presents 25 Years of Ken Fisher, by Aaron Anderson this year. Earlier in 2010, Fisher was named as one of the 30 most influential people in and around the investment advisory business over the past 30 years in Investment Advisor magazine.

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