Hats Off to Suzanne

When one hears the word fashion, images of models, magazines and what is “hot” for the season come to mind. I personally find style within myself, or perhaps on a quiet stroll down Madison Avenue.

While on my way to lunch today, I stumbled upon the store Suzanne. A rare thing theses days, Suzanne is a true custom milliner. Every hat and headpiece on display is hand-made, on-premise in her store/workshop at 61st Street near Madison Avenue.

In the past, hats were an indicator of social status and not much as changed. Her clientele is mostly elite society women. Some come into the store to purchase a new hat for weddings, funerals, elegant or religious affairs or even the horse races. I however, feel that hats are now an item that have simply been hibernating and for true style one should have a hat for every occasion. Suzanne said the the sky’s the limit for places to go in a hat: the post office, the grocery store, the mall, lunch — it does not have to be a special event. On that note, I have put in my order!